Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Long been a strong interest in finance and accounting gave me enough confidence and determination

Hard-working, practical, solid business knowledge with a wide range of graduates. Good at teamwork, but also undertake a variety of independent work, and to a warm, positive attitude demonstrate good communication and presentation skills. Long been a strong interest in finance and accounting gave me enoughbbs confidence and determination to participate in a financial management as the main duties of the work.
Meanwhile, business management background, as a financial breakthrough, makes me self-management and business management full of plans.Ph.D., 21 years work experience
(20 years in Japan), including the Internet and other engaged in software development.
Love of work, technical ability, work initiative, responsibility, work excellence, dedicated, disciplined.Involved in the creation of the company, as Director and CTO, participated in the company's development strategy and goal setting, and is responsible for the implementation and enforcement. Have set up, manage and motivate a large team to complete project development capabilities and experience in the management of several ten projects, including international cross-border projects.Familiar with the whole process of software development, proficdevelopment technologiesAmazing Wedding Color Details , and C / S and B / S architecture. Familiar with agile development methods.To develop a successful customer experience. Commercial negotiations with customers have the ability and experience, have good communication, proposals ad ability to cooperate, and good sense of service.
Was responsible for ISO9001 certification application, familiar with CMMI and project management-related industry standards.Ralph Lauren Italy
Has a strong technical design capabilities, ability to plan, implement ability, problem-solving ability and monitor progress and quality management capabilities.
Company personnel involved in recruitment, training and performance evaluation.
Self-motivated, attention to constantly upgrade their technology and management knowledge and ability.Intellectual curiosity, strong, sustained attention and study the latest developments within the industry and technology, innovative spirit. A French Modern Wedding
Have a good team, with superiors, colleagues and subordinates good cmmunication and cooperation to achieve the target company or department.Japanese language proficiency, English proficiencySix well-known multinational companies work experience, year of team leadership experience, ten years to learn English, English Department to obtain a bachelor's degree and a minor in business administration, certified through the National Logistics Manager. Full understanding of ocean exportPolo Ralph Lauren operation process, there is a wealth of customer service experience, with basic source and basic maritime industry contacts and business sales. Proficient in English, Cantonese. With trade, shipping, logistics background, high strength and can work under pressure, with team spirit, able to handle the superior-subordinate relationship and lead the team to play an important role.

the face of academic

I'm Daniel, UK Northumbria University graduate, majoring in Computing Studies Professional, 6 years experience working for foreign companies, he is a fast learner, the school only to get two scholarships to Chinese students, in the last year because of family economic reasons, without any financial support that he had several roles, the face of academic, economic, psychological pressure, relying on strong beliefs and their tireless efforts and finally the successful completion of their studies to return home.Financial sector has nearly seven years of work in the field of business intelligence experience with ITILTop Style Details From Real Wedding certification marks, previous work in the BI vendor Actuate Corporation and the United States in the global technical support center in China as well as the construction of a number of Actuate product development and market applications exploration, and then help Actuate Corporation's vice president of China start-up companies formed another company, for the compulsory insurance of ony Ralph Lauren Construction and Transportation Commission the data warehouse. Currently, working in the United States State Street Bank (one of the world's largest asset custodian bank) global business continuity services, responsible for analysis and implementation of BI requirements, the design and development of risk and compliance reporting services data model bank and the entire Board of dozens of executive vice president, is also responsible for a variety of business intelligence tools to improve existing services. Currently working in Longtop Interntional (NYSE: LFT), any overseas delivery manager BI, BI is responsible for overseas business development strategies, projects and project team needs analysisProfessional skills and xpertise
Years in Europe and America to study, work experience, with pure, fluent and native English speaking ability, a certain organization and leadership, has organized several national network of community-line BI activities, and also led the development team and a few Support team. Years of experience in the field of business intelligence on Actuate, Crystal, BIRT applications such statements are very skilled, and involved in ETL product (Java SWT) development, familiar with all kinds of ETL systems, Wedding Cakes Galoresuch as informatica, the Pentaho open source data integration tools kettle and so on.8 years of work experience.
1 experience with product localization, well-known products from the original concept to the whole process of plant production,Ralph Lauren camicie leading new product development and transfer through the whole process of the project.
2 familiar with ISO9000 and TS16949 quality system, skilled use of QC 7tools, FMEA, SPC, PPAP and 6sigma so familiar with factory quality control and supplier quality management.3 with the semiconductor, automotive and communications electronics, power tools and other industry background knowledge, the experience of fine art production.
4 full of team spirit, nine technicians have the experience of management.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Having no trouble in talking with foreigners in daily life

active and enthusiastic,confident and ambitiou.full sense of resposibility and cooperation. Have strong ability to speak,understand,read and write English well. Also have one year working experiec of foreign tradeprom dress in Motor cycle company. I am graduate the university of chemicial industry of shenyang on 01/07/2004. cheap lacoste polo shirtsI work on quantily management for about 4 years . I am busy on manufaturing trains in changchun rolling stork GRP company. I can read andcheap prom dress write in english about quality ducument. Familiar with Transductance/Different types of sensors/PLC programing/PID/Rs-232 , Rs-485 , DF1/SCR/LGBT/LGBT/Inversors
Familiar with analog circuits, digital circuits, and other related knowledge
Can easily polo shirtsuse AutoCAD and protelprom dresses , S7200 , Wincc 6.0 ,VC++
Can easily read Technical articles written in English
Having no trouble in talking with foreigners in daily life the future is always color
Just do it
Ask for more

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


The night's second non-tournament software lifebout saw Gracie Barra Orlando's Mikey Gomez and Moyses Gabin battle back and forth for 15 minutes. Each fighter took turns working from top position, but the two proved evenly matched throughout the action.
In the end, it was Gomez who controlled more of the action, and he was rewarded with a unanimous-decision win, 29-28 on all three cards.
Gomez (10-8 MMA, 1-2 BFC) snaps a four-fight win applestreak with the result, while Gabin (whose other two career losses came to UFC vets Jon Jones and Lucio Linhares) falls to 4-3 on his career and 1-1 under the Bellator persevereFighting Championships banner.
The evening's first non-televised fight saw American Top Team Fighter Chris Manuel in charge of the action from theacross the ocean opening bell. Floridian Ralph Acosta did well to survive the early onslaught, but he was forced to fight defensively throughout the first two rounds.
Acosta opened the third with an aggressive slam,code life but Manuel deftly locked in a guillotine choke on the way to the floor. Manuel squeezed the hold and forced the stoppage at the 35-second mark of the final frame.
The win snapped a four-fight winless streak for Manuel (7-3-2 MMA, 1-0 BFC), while Acosta (4-5 MMA, 0-1 BFC) falls to just 1-4 in his past five contests.In the first of a pair of non-tournament bouts that took place after the evening's televised card, Edson Diniz (10-3 MMA, 1-0 BFC) snapped a two-fight losing streak with a first-round submission of the previously undefeated John Kelly (4-1 MMA, 0-1 BFC). I love apple
Despite some early success on the feet from Kelly, Diniz turned the tables when he worked the fight to the ground and finished the contest with a joint-popping inverted heel hook with 24 seconds left in the opening round.
And in the night's final contest, Vagner Rocha (5-0 MMA, 2-0 BFC) kept his undefeated run alive with a second-round TKO of Francisco Soares (3-2 MMA, 0-1 BFC).Rocha found success from top position to open the fight, and he quickly worked the action back to the mat in the second before unloading a fight ending series of punches that left Soares unable to defend

Legendary Asteroids record smashed

One of gaming's oldest records was just blown upThere's no place like home. And it wasn't an easy shot.
After a grueling 58 hours of continuous play, John McAllister of Seattle, Washington officially became the best Asteroids player on the planet by scoring an unthinkable 41,338,740 points in the classic 1979 coin-op arcade game. The previous mark of 41,336,440 was set by Scott Safran back in 1982 -- the longest standing record in gaming -- and was considered virtually unbreakable. Let's make things better
"It's basically considered a Holy Grail," he told Portland TV station KGW. "It was a title that a lot of people would want, and I wanted it." Impossible made possible
McAllister also holds the world record for the lesser known sequel Asteroids Deluxe, a mark he set in 2009. Before he's inducted into theMake New Friends record books, however, his efforts will have to pass the strict submission guidelines of official game scorekeepers, Twin Galaxies.
It's been a rough year for video game records.It's just some guy I work with In March, a plastic surgeon toppled the all-time Donkey Kong mark, while back in January, a Connecticut man hopped his way to the new high score in Frogger.Under normal circumstances, role-playing game Warhammer Online charges its players $14.99 per month, billed directly to their bank accounts.For an unknown but significant number of players, however, April isn't turning out to be a normal month. A bug in the billing system has caused sme customers to be charged as many as 22 times for a single month of access: a $300 overcharge.Blog The Consumerist reports the charges will be reversed in the next few days, according to an EA rep -- and notes, with tongue planted firmly in cheek, that EA is apparently taking the situation "very seriously."
We're sure that makes the affected individuals feel much better. Unless, that is, they've incurred overdraft fees from their banks, been late on their bills, or wasted hours on the phone with their credit card companies.
It's not the first time billing for online RPGs has gone awry, either. Our advice: any time you allow a third-party to bill your bank account directly, you're exposing yourself to this sort of problem. Avoid it by buying multiple months at a time (which'll usually save you a few bucks) or, safer still, by using the pre-paid game cards you'll find cropping up at an increasing number of retailers: everywhere from game stores to gas stations.
Have you been overcharged by an online game? Tell us your story in the comments.

Ken Shamrock ordered to pay UFC attorneys’ fees and costs

The Ultimate Fighting Championship won a legal victory against former UFC fighter and "The Ultimate Fighter 3" coach Ken Shamrock. a plan to make all of this right
UFC officials on Thursday announced a Nevada court has ordered Shamrock to pay $175,000 in attorneys' fees and costs stemming from a 2009 suit the fighter brought against the company. Shamrock's lafrwsuit focused on his most recent contract with Zuffa LLC, the UFC's parent company. Shamrock claimed the UFC had violated certain contractual provisions of his final fight agreement. out of your control
Judge Susan H. Johnson of the Eighth Judicial District Court for Nevada awarded the UFC's latest victory. As ( reported in February, a Las Vegas court first ruled in the UFC's favor. On Thursday Shamrock Whatever happens,happens for a reasonwas ordered to pay the fees. "This latest legal victory on behalf of Zuffa demonstrates once again that the UFC is fully committed tocatching a glimpse of a light vigorously enforcing all of its contractual rights," the promotion's lawyers stated. "Judge Johnson has determined Mr. a plan to make all of this rightShamrock's this world is not merely a bad jokehard lesson learned in this case will cost him approximately $175,000." The UFC cut Shamrock following an October 2006 loss to Tito Ortiz. The result was Shamrock's third-straight UFC loss, but the longtime veteran later claimed the organization had violated his contract by releasing him despite having one fight remaining on the deal. Shamrock fought in the very first UFC event in 1993 and defeated striker Patrick Smith before falling to Royce Gracie in the evening's tournament semifinals. Shamrock fought frequently for the organization through 1996 while earning a 6-2-2 record in the UFC while also winning the UFC Superfight Championship. Shamrock fought five more times for the UFC between 2002 and his release in 2006. could not immediately reach Shamrock for comment.Check out more UFC News at This story originally appeared on and is syndicated on Yahoo! Sports as part of a content-partnership deal between the two sites.

Responsibilities and Achievements

. Act as a liaison between factories, supplierssell discount wedding dresses and buyer during of sample developing and bulk deliveries.2, Problem smells and solve it when happens. Such as yarn shortage, dye lot and bulk deliveries negotiates.3. Down load T/P from the system that we shared with buyer and send the T/Psblog lace wedding dresses to suppliers after checking.4. Control and overview all sample status and update the sample status in the system for buyer in time. new wedding dresses
5. Overview and update all L/D status, sample status, bulk status in Excel charts and report to the Merchandiser manager on an timely basis..
6, developing acc. and trims, bulk acc and trims checking before sending to buyer's approve.and keep on tracking results.7. Check sample W/S together with the garment technician and fit it before sending to buyer.8. Arrange PP meeting with suppliers and remind them of the concerns that we had awarded during sample making before bulk production.1.Act as liaison between customers and factories, Prepare development samples for customers, prices and delivery dates negotiate, facilitate the order placement process with factories, collect and distribute accurate, up date information to factories ,suppliers ,and customers.2,Set up time table and T&A with buyer upon receiving an new article order from buyer, and make sure each important action such as Lab dip approve, PP sample approve ,bulk fabric order will be taking in time as per time table and T&A. Therefore to make sure bulk will deliveried on time.3. Follow up on fabric deliveries, Acc and trims approve, sample requests and bulk deliveries with three members of our team. tracking the results,5. Participate in pre-production meeting with QA, QC and Garment technicians to settle down all the problems involved in sample making.6. Keep on collecting and filling support documents such as, cost sheets, files and E-mails, and maintaining an appropriate filling system, outline for new orders preparing.7, Price offer,new wedding dresses counteroffer of both sample and submits it for the manager's approve before sending to buyer.8. Accompany customer's QC to inspect both sample and bulk 。9 Provide updated information for the shipping dep. of shipping licenses, and planned shipment reports.10. Manual translating including: Manual processing and quality direction, Test direction, special terms, shipping guidelines of buyers and share with our team to make sure we are understand buyer's standard and requirements.11. Products including women's normal suits, dress, blouse and also women's fashion wear and demin.12, Much better know-how of Garment after been a merchandiser of Gerry Weber.3,Attended in Canton fair.14. Receiving a training course of advanced spoken English in the company,the teacher comes from U.S.A.